Private Events

Special occasions are meant to be celebrated and Rocket Mobile Music has been dedicated to making these special occasions truly spectacular. Be it a birthday, baptism, wedding, or a corporate party, we will make your event something to be remembered for a long time.

Trendy party organizers around the world know how to make their events more exciting and lively by having the entire event conducted by a DJ, playing the greatest and latest music. Your private event or party is our priority when you call us for a DJ. At Rocket Mobile Music, we will help you arrange music and props that your guests will remember for weeks.

Whatever your occasion, or special event (small, medium or large), our producing expertise with private events will bring your vision to life, and accomplish your goals. When it comes to private events, and especially with music and entertainment, we know what we’re doing, and we know how to do it well.  We’ll work closely with you, always conscious about keeping your guests and/or attendees entertained and satisfied.

What better way to celebrate life’s great events than by throwing a party with lots of mouthwatering food, company of dear ones, lots of drinks, foot tapping music, and entertainment? Rocket Mobile Music will provide you music and entertainment that you can truly be proud of. Call us at 780 814-1706 or send us an email to Events@RocketMobileMusic before your next event.